Frequently Asked Questions


  • Chevron down Q: How does this whole thing work?
  • A: So you’d like to go out on the water? Great! We are located at the south boat launch of Monksville Reservoir. We are open Friday-Sunday. To book your reservation for the weekend, click the “book now” button at the bottom of your screen. At that point you’ll need to know a few details: when you’d like to come visit us (date and time), how many people will be in your party, whether you’re looking for kayaks/double kayaks/paddle boards, and how long you’d like to stay out. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time to fill out our waiver and do whatever you need so we can get you on the water starting at the time you’ve reserved. For example, if you reserve for 2 p.m. on a Friday, please arrive at 1:45 so you can fill out our waiver, put on your sunblock, etc. and we can have you on the water starting at 2 p.m.

    Please note: online booking is for reservations made in advance–if you are looking to book for the same day, please just give us a call!

  • Chevron down Q: Do I have to make a reservation? Can I just show up?
  • A: We recommend you book a reservation any time you plan to visit us, especially if you are traveling a distance or if you are coming with a large group. This simply ensures that we will have enough equipment to accommodate you. That said, you’re always welcome to stop by and see what’s available!

  • Chevron down Q: What payment types do you accept?
  • A: We accept cash and credit. Don’t forget your driver’s license, as well!

  • Chevron down Q: What if I am late for my reservation?
  • A:  Please do all you can to be on time for your reservation. We tend to sell out on beautiful summer days, and if our schedule is full, we will not be able to change your reservation time. This means being late may cut into the time you have reserved/ paid for. You are responsible for arriving on time as well as returning from the water on time.

    If you are stuck in traffic, running late, lost, etc. please call us! We will do the best we can to reschedule your appointment to a slightly later time. Sometimes this is possible, and sometimes it is not possible. If you call and we do not answer, leave a message so we know you called and can call you back.

    We want you to have a good time on the water and will do whatever we can to make it work for you. Just let us know what your situation is, and we’ll do the best we can!

  • Chevron down Q: What if I don't know how long I want to stay out on the water? Can I stay out as long as I want, and then pay when I come back?
  • A: Unfortunately, no. You will need to choose an amount of time that you think will be enough for you: this allows us to efficiently schedule reservations, as well as ensure the safety of our customers. Payment must be rendered before you go out on the water. We will let you know at the desk what time you are expected to return, based on your reservation time. Yes, you do need to come back at the time we agree on! You are responsible for keeping track of time, so please wear a watch or bring a phone. If you are late, you may be charged additional fees.

  • Chevron down Q: What is your cancellation policy for rentals?
  • A: If you need to reschedule or cancel your reservation, please give us a call as far in advance as possible. Cancellations due to weather will be given a full refund (based on the weather at our location, Ringwood NJ). Cancellations that are not weather-related MUST be made more than two hours ahead of the start time on the reservation. If a reservation is canceled less than two hours before the start time on the reservation, the refund will be 75%. Reservations are held for 30 minutes past the reserved start time, after which the equipment will no longer be held, and a 50% refund will be available ONLY if requested within 24 hours.

  • Chevron down Q: What is your cancellation policy for yoga classes?
  • A: Cancellations are available for a 100% refund up until 48 hours prior to the event. Cancellations between 24-48 hours prior to the event will be refunded at 50%. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the event will NOT be entitled to a refund. If the weather isn’t looking good, we will cancel or reschedule class as early as possible. In case of bad weather, participants will be able to reschedule to take a different yoga class.

  • Chevron down Q: I left a message on your voicemail. Doesn't that mean I have a reservation?
  • A: We are closed from Monday through Thursday, but you can always make reservations online! If you leave a message, we will call you back during our business hours – you are welcome to wait for a call back, but this also means that reservations made online during the week will receive priority.

    We do the best we can to always answer the phone during our regularly scheduled business hours, as well as respond to all messages in a timely fashion. Once in a while we may miss a call or a message. For this reason, please make sure you have a confirmed reservation before heading out if you have your heart set on paddling at a specific time.

  • Chevron down Q: Do I need to be able to swim to rent from you?
  • A: YES – We do not rent to anyone who cannot swim. We will ask you this question. We DO NOT make exceptions to this rule. Paddling is a lot of fun, and it is completely possible to stay dry while you’re out in a kayak or on a paddleboard. However, some people end up falling off their paddle board, or very occasionally tip a kayak. If you do end up in the water, we want to know you’ll be capable of keeping yourself safe. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, but we do need to know you are able to take care of yourself. We are not coming out on the water with you. The life jacket you will be wearing will help you stay afloat, but is no substitute for knowing how to swim.

Online Booking

  • Chevron down Q: I am trying to make a reservation online for later today, and it says "call to book." Why isn't it working?
  • A: Our online booking system is not for same day reservations. Online booking shuts off every day at midnight, which means if you plan on coming to see us that day, you will need to call us and see what’s available. It gets busy on site, so if we don’t answer the phone, please just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Chevron down Q: What if I book online, and then have a change of plans? Will I be charged a fee?
  • A: As long as you let us know with at least two hours notice, you will not be charged a fee. Our cancellation policy is listed above and is also outlined in your confirmation email.

  • Chevron down Q: What if I book online in advance, and then the forecast shows bad weather?
  • A: If the weather conditions are unsafe to paddle in (high winds, heavy rain, lightning, etc.), we do not let anyone out on the water. If we close, we call each person who has reserved and either reschedule or refund them. If it is drizzling only, we will stay open. If you do not want to paddle based on the weather conditions or the forecast, just give us as much notice as possible so we can refund or reschedule you. Sometimes it is raining in one town and not another – we do not accept cancellations for bad weather when it is sunny and clear here in Ringwood.


  • Chevron down Q: I have never paddle boarded before. Do I need a lesson?
  • A:  If you want to learn proper technique and get the most effective exercise while paddle boarding, we highly recommend a lesson. A lesson will teach you different ways to turn and maneuver so that you feel comfortable and in control of the board. Our instructor will help you achieve the proper stance and efficient paddle stroke. Taking a lesson is a great way to start or improve on your skill level, as well as to get a good workout. Learning these techniques also helps to reduce muscle injury such as back and/or shoulder pain.

    That said, you do not need a lesson to try paddle boarding. With every rental, we provide you with a life jacket and paddle, explain how to stay safe on the reservoir, and make sure you are comfortable on the board. To simply have fun, you do not need a lesson.

  • Chevron down Q: How do I book a lesson?
  • A: Lessons are scheduled based on availability. Usually, we do lessons on Fridays, or weekends at 9 a.m., 3:45 or 5:30 p.m. This is when there is the least amount of traffic on the reservoir, and also (usually) the least amount of wind. If you’d like to book a lesson, you can do so by clicking here.

  • Chevron down Q: What about kayak lessons?
  • We do not offer kayak lessons at this time. We recommend you contact Lee Reiser of the ACA, who is an expert kayaker and a great instructor. He can be reached via email: [email protected]


  • Chevron down Q: Do I have to wear shoes?
  • A: We recommend you wear shoes that are waterproof and non-skid, like Keens, while getting on or off of a board, in or out of a kayak. We launch from a rocky area, and in general, your feet and ankles will get wet. The rocks at the launch area may be slippery and/or sharp. If you choose to leave your shoes behind, it is at your own risk, and you will need to be very careful not to fall or step on anything that may be in the water.

  • Chevron down Q: How will I know what time it is?
  • A: This is one of our most commonly asked questions. If you’re not good at telling time based on the sun (some people are great at it!), we suggest you wear a waterproof watch. We will also be happy to sell you a waterproof bag for your phone. Please note: being unsure of what time it is is not considered a valid excuse for coming back late 🙂

Location & Hours

  • Chevron down Q: What address should I put into my GPS?
  • A: 1081 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood NJ 07456 will get you to the entrance of Monksville Reservoir, south boat launch. You should see our sign at the road. Use the access road and you’ll find us at the far side of the parking lot.

  • Chevron down Q: Are you on the water, or do I have to take the equipment somewhere else?
  • A: We are right on the water. Our staff will do all the work of moving the equipment. You just need to show up with your driver’s license and a watch, sign our waiver, put on your life jacket and let our staff help you get into/onto the equipment. We do our best to make things as easy as possible for you!

  • Chevron down Q: What time is your last rental of the day?
  • A: Our last rental goes out one hour before we close each day. We close at 6 on Fridays, so the last rental that can go out is at 5 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, we close at 7, so the last rental that can go out is at 6 p.m. Our closing time is when all equipment is due back to shore.

  • Chevron down Q: How late in the season will you be open?
  • A: After Labor Day, we reduce our hours. As long as the weather is good and you want to be on the water, we want to stay open! If the weather holds out, we will likely stay open on weekends in October as well.

  • Chevron down Q: I want to go out on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Is this possible?
  • A: In general, we are closed at Monksville Monday-Thursday. We will be open the Monday of Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. We do occasionally make deliveries or host larger groups on weekdays for team building exercises, summer camps, and group lessons. If you fall into one of these categories, get in touch! (Advance arrangements must be made.) Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on the weekend.

  • Chevron down Q: I have my own kayak/SUP. Can I bring it on the water while my friend rents from you?
  • A: Yes! We are located in Long Pond Ironworks State Park, a public park that includes historic sites and hiking trails as well. Both the north and south boat launches, as well as the Beech Road launch on Monksville Reservoir, are free and open to the public.

Children & Teens

  • Chevron down Q: My teenager wants to paddleboard, and I don't want to go with them. What do I need to do?
  • A: We need a parent or legal guardian to sign on behalf of anyone under the age of 18. Even if your child is 17.5, we still need you to sign for them. We don’t let anyone under 15 years old out unless their parent is on the water with them. All of our participants must be able to swim, must be able to paddle well enough to control the board/kayak, and must wear life jackets in accordance with the law.

  • Chevron down Q: I am 17, but I'll be 18 soon. Can my 18-year-old friend sign on my behalf?
  • A: We know it may be frustrating, but we cannot let anyone under the age of 18 out on the water without a signature from a parent or legal guardian. We feel your pain, and we really don’t like turning anyone away, but we simply cannot allow 17-year-olds out without the appropriate signature. Your 18-year-old friend CANNOT sign for you, sorry!

  • Chevron down Q: I have a young child that I want to bring with me paddling. Do you have age restrictions?
  • A: We are a family-friendly business, and we think it’s great for kids to get a chance to experience the water! If you are the parent or legal guardian of the child, you are able to sign on their behalf and bring them along. All children MUST wear life jackets at all times. We have life jackets for under 30lbs, 30-50lbs and 50-90lbs, but please know that if a number of families are out on the water, it is possible (though unlikely) that we may run short. (If your child is over 90 lbs, they will wear an “adult universal” life jacket – we have plenty). If you have your own life jacket for your child, feel free to bring it along. All parties must be wearing appropriate life jackets to be allowed out on the water.


  • Chevron down Q: I have a dog I want to bring paddle boarding. Is this ok?
  • A: We love dogs, especially ones that like to paddleboard! Our major concern is the soft deck pad of our boards, which the majority of dogs do not damage – however we have had a couple of incidents. If you do not have a card on file, we take a $100 cash deposit before you leave, which will be returned in full assuming the deck pad has not been torn or excessively scratched up. This is often a problem when a large dog is not wearing a life jacket (which we do not provide). If your dog jumps off the board (and most of them do at some point!), they will try to get back up in the best way they know how. This usually means digging their nails into the deck pad to pull themselves out of the water, which can cause deep scratches that may result in us needing to replace the deck pad, or the value of the board significantly decreasing.

    For this reason, we recommend bringing an old towel or yoga mat to cover the deck pad of your rental board. We also recommend doggie life jackets be worn by all dogs on the water. The handles on the back of the jacket make it significantly easier to pull the dog up out of the water and back on board.

    Some dogs love paddle boarding, while other dogs love the water and won’t stay on the board at all! And there are a few dogs who don’t like either. You know your dog best, so please plan accordingly. We recommend starting with an hour rental if your dog doesn’t have experience on a paddle board.

  • Chevron down Q: Can I bring my dog in a kayak?
  • A: Absolutely! Kayaks are a lot less fragile than paddle boards, so there is no deposit required. We still highly recommend a life jacket for your dog – if the dog jumps out of the kayak, the handles on the back of the jacket will help you bring them back on board. Please note that it can be difficult to get a large dog back into a kayak without tipping it! We recommend that you and your dog have prior boating experience before choosing to rent for longer than an hour.