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New Inventory

Red Equipment US

a boat sitting on top of a surfboard

11’0" Compact Inflatable Paddle Board Package

This board provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. Its extended length offers a fantastic step up from an all-rounder, while also catering for slightly heavier riders.

  • Price: $1400.00
  • Max Rider Weight – 240lbs
  • Rider Style – All Round
  • Min. Experience – Beginner
a person holding a surf board

9’6″ Compact Inflatable Paddle Board

Packed full of handy features and innovations, this board is ultra-practical for people who are short on storage space, or who want to transport a board easily. In developing this board, Red Paddle Co created a new weaving process that uses an extra-high-tensile thread matrix. The board has a super-strong but supple outer layer that can be packed away neatly in its Compact backpack.

  • Price: $1200.00
  • Max Rider Weight – 210lbs
  • Rider Style – All Round
  • Min.Experience – Beginner

Bishop Boards

mini sub

Mini Sub

The Mini Sub is great for smaller (up to 120lbs)paddlers. The 28” width keeps the paddle stroke closer to the center line and more comfortable for narrower shoulder widths.It rides well with intermediate to advanced paddlers up to 200lbs.

  • Price: $600.00
  • Dimensions: 8’0 x 28” x 3 ¾”
  • Uses: Kids/Youth board, Sup surf for kids and adults
  • Material: Epoxy/Fiberglass


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Ultimate V Drive Hex Flex 88 - Big Winds

A deep scoop allows the 88 sq. inch blade to enter the water quicker and offer the power of a bigger size. The new “Black Diamond Elite” shaft is an oval tapered shaft that is lighter and stronger than ever before. The new texture on this shaft is comfortable and grippy, requiring no wax.

  • Price: $399.00
  • There are 2 colors available, Orange or Blue
  • Hybrid weight is 16 ounces
  • UV-88 is 88 sq/in 7” wide x 18” tall blade

Boardworks Surf & SUP

a bunch of different items that are on display

SHUBU Riptide 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board

The Riptide is a light, versatile SUP that loves to travel and comes with our ultra-comfortable honeycomb heat embossed deck pad, and two neoprene carry handles for easy transport to and from the water.

  • Price: $500.00
  • Length: 126 in – 320.04 cm
  • Thickness: 5 in – 12.7 cm
  • Width: 33 in – 83.82 cm
  • Volume: 276 L.
  • Fin set: SINGLE
  • Fin included: FCS DOLPHIN
  • Construction: SLMD
  • Novice MAX.: 180 LBS.
  • Intermediate MAX.: 205
  • LBS. Advanced MAX.: 255 LBS.

Used Inventory

We are preparing to restart used inventory sales as the 2023 season winds down. Please check back soon for updates on when we’ll be selling used equipment again!

All of the following items have been used in our rental fleet, and have signs of normal wear & tear. To purchase or inquire about items, call us at 347-878-7304.

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